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The One Paw at a Time difference

My priority is providing the most up to date, innovative training for you and your dog.

I am committed to setting you and your dog up for success by using science backed, humane and reward based training methods. 

My focus is not only to train your dog, but to educate you so you have the knowledge and confidence to help your dog make better choices and succeed in life.

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Why One Paw at a Time?

  • Professional

    I pride myself on remaining professional and respectful as I help you and your family navigate ups and downs of dog ownership.

  • Insured

    Maintaining insurance as a dog trainer means that I'm able to comfortably work with dogs with more serious histories.

  • Educated

    I stay up to date by attending live seminars, workshops, online courses and collaborating with colleagues in order to provide you with the best training possible.

  • Patient

    Don't worry about your dog's behavior or your training skills. I'm always patient and supportive as I help you and your dog work together.

  • Force-free

    Training should be fun (and effective) for you and your dog! I always use training methods that are the most effective AND the least likely to go wrong.

  • Creative

    All of my training plans are tailored to you and your family. I won't try to give you a cookie-cutter program. Instead, I'll customize a plan that meets your needs.

To never know the love of a dog is to miss the best thing life has to offer - unknown

Loving dogs comes easy. Training your beloved pet isn't always easy. I'm here to help!

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For every problem, there is a solution. I offer in-home behavior assessments and private training for:

Canine Compulsive Disorder

Separation Anxiety


Canine Cognitive Disorder


Fear Reactivity


Resource Guarding

Puppy Training

Basic Obedience

Home Modificiation

For special needs dogs


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Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen - Orhan Pamuk
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