Meet Ginger Corlew: Your Trainer and Behavior Consultant

My journey into the world of dog training began in 2006 after adopting my soul dog Morgan. Found alone on the streets at 4 months of age, she came complete with her own set of challenging behavioral issues. I sought the help of a professional trainer and soon became fascinated with the human-canine bond, how adept dogs are at communicating through body language, and how much they enrich our lives.

This led me down the path of learning as much as possible about canine cognition and behavior and to eventually become a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant.

I am intuitive, compassionate and skilled at communicating with dogs. This allows me to form a trusting relationship quickly. Every dog is an individual with their own likes/dislikes and personality traits. There is no cookie cutter approach here. I am respectful of what each dog is able and willing to do and meet them on common ground to achieve desired results.

My background as an Occupational Therapist gives me the advantage of effectively communicating and educating people as well as seeing the big picture of a situation.


I am a results-oriented and creative problem solver. At the same time, I have realistic expectations.

My intention is to set up both humans and their dogs to succeed using force-free positive reinforcement methods that are science-based and proven. You deserve to have a great relationship with your dog. Let me help.

The healthiest, best relationships are those that are built on mutual trust, safety and comfort. I strive to create that for you and your dog.